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The purpose of these lessons is to develop and enhance the skills necessary to enjoy the benefits of soccer as a lifetime physical activity. You will be able to play while having fun with friends. You will appreciate soccer as one of the greatest sports in the world!


Northside Afterschool Enrichment Programs


Badge Type: skill

Expected Duration: 6 weeks


  1. [required] Passing skills: Student learns to: rarely contact the ball directly in the middle of the ball to keep it low, sometimes plants their non-kicking foot 6-8 inches to the side of the ball before passing, not always use the push pass using the inside of their foot, and sometimes follows through toward the target after pass. (Complete 3 out of 4 above)
  2. [required] Dribbling skills: Student learns to: dribble the ball occasionally using either the inside or outside of the foot, not always use soft taps when contacting the ball, not keep their head or eyes up while dribbling, and not keep the ball within 3-4 feet of their body while dribbling. (Complete 3 out of 4 above)
  3. [required] Shooting skills: Student learns to: shoot with foot not extended at the ankle, plant foot parallel to soccer ball, not keep the shooting knee over the ball and head up, and not strike the ball with the laces and does not follow through. (Complete 3 out of 4 above)
  4. [required] Goalkeeping skills: Student learns to: consistently move feet side to side to get in front of the ball, stay on their feet as long as possible, and use all parts of their body to create as large a barrier as possible. (Complete 2 out of 3 above)
  5. [required] Students with soccer experience demonstrate appropriate leadership skills.
  • Yoga

    During this club experience students will: Develop a strong and flexible body Increase balance, body awareness, and coordination Improve posture Help reduce injuries Relieve anxiety and stress Teach students how to relax Improve concentration Help students get creative Help develop discipline and self-control

  • Culinary (Phase II) Calculating cost of a meal from a recipe

    Students will cook several recipes learning to calculate the cost of a meal after following a recipe

  • Kickball Club

    Students will learn skills and rules needed to play kickball. Students will be expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship and work collaboratively with their team.

  • Culinary (Phase I) Calculating nutritional content of a recipe

    Students will cook following several different types of recipes learning to complete the math necessary to figure out the nutritional content of a recipe by using the food nutrition calculator