Junior Achievement: My Future Goals
Junior Achievement: My Future Goals

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JA "It's My Future" provides practical information about preparing for the working world while still in middle school. Students will explore potential careers, discover how to plan for a job, and learn how to keep it. Students will develop personal-branding and job-hunting tools for earning a job.


Northside Afterschool Enrichment Programs

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Badge Type: knowledge

Expected Duration: 6 days


  1. [required] Student completes "It's My Career" Industry Profile
  2. [required] Students work with a group to look more closely at a high-growth career
  3. [required] Student interviewed and was interviewed by another student. Student considered a series of positive descriptions as he/she thought about the brand he/she wants to portray to future employers. Student then designed his/her own logo or tagline.
  4. [required] Student participates in a career mapping activity.
  5. [required] Student portrays knowledge of at least one hard skill and one soft skill in a career blog.
  • Culinary (Phase II) Calculating cost of a meal from a recipe

    Students will cook several recipes learning to calculate the cost of a meal after following a recipe

  • Cyber Security Club

    You will learn the ins and outs of the cyber security profession. You will do some coding, play Cyber games (on-line and with cards), learn to encrypt messages, and more!

  • Special Effects Badge

    Students will learn about illusions created for movies, television, and other productions with by props, camerawork, computer graphics, make-up, audio, costumes, and lighting. Students will create a production that incorporates each.

  • Film Club

    In this club students will analyze and learn from short films and create their own short film.