Gaming Club
Gaming Club

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Students will research a game, create a corresponding Gamer's Guide, and participate in tournament play. Research and guide will include: All possible modes of play on different devices, different Avatars that can be designed, possible resell value of games and equipment, a video with strategy for game, an acceptable Gamer's Code of Behavior, and practice commentating a tournament.


Northside Afterschool Enrichment Programs


Badge Type: knowledge

Expected Duration: 12 hours


  1. [required] Student found data to guide the decision-making process in determining all possible platforms for their game: possible controllers, types of devices game can be played on, equipment selection for game, etc. These were all included in their Gamer’s Guide.
  2. [required] Student researched all possible avatars that could be designed for their game, and included these in their Gamer’s Guide.
  3. [required] Student created their own video production with a corresponding link that has new information that cannot currently be found online.
  4. [required] Student used critical thinking to determine an acceptable Gaming Code of Behavior that was included in their Gamer’s Guide.
  5. [required] Student participated appropriately in Gaming Tournament Play (this can be either game play, operations, equipment maintenance, or commentating)
  6. [required] Student worked with a group and managed club time to create a complete Gamer’s Guide.
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