Adventure/ Survival Club
Adventure/ Survival Club

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In true Survivor fashion, students will be randomly divided into tribes. Throughout the unit, tribes will compete in fun, non-competitive activities that will challenge their intellectual, cooperative, athletic, and problem solving skills. Each Survivor lesson will end in a Tribal Council where students will be led in a group discussion on the lessons learned through the class' activities, how they relate to leadership, and how those lessons can be applied in life.


Northside Afterschool Enrichment Programs

Badge Type: knowledge

Expected Duration: 12 hours


  1. [required] Student can tell you at least three things needed to collaborate and survive as part of a team (this must reflect lessons. For example: Students can describe why not using your ego to try to be the leader, won’t help when you need to truly work as a team~ lesson 2)
  2. [required] Student can communicate effectively 2 of the best items to have and why if you were lost in the Wilderness (must reflect information taught in any of the 12 lessons)
  3. [required] Student can demonstrate how to use a compass (lesson 4: Orienteering)
  4. [required] Student can correctly problem solve at least 2 of the 10 rescue situations in lesson 8
  5. [required] Student can design, interpret, and read a map (lessons 4 & 10)
  6. [required] Student can describe scientific principles necessary to filter water (lesson 12)
  7. [required] Student participated in the building and construction of a waterproof shelter with materials given (lesson 11)
  • Hopscotch Coding

    Student will learn to create a set of instructions (code) that sets a design in motion, incorporates sound, continuously loops, incorporates a pause button, and sets invisibility blocks.

  • Comic Con

    Students manage time well. Script is completed at the end of day 3 and comic panel with corresponding art is completed at the end of day 4. Students make connections between literature and art. This is evident in the Cedric the Dragon Slayer Discussion and their script and comic panel. Their comic panel is not random, it tells a story. There are not any purposeful grammatical errors on the final comic panel. Students communicate (orally/ written) each of their superhero powers/ weaknesses, gadgets, etc. Students manage their time and complete their own superhero and villain with a written description and art drawing Students critically reason and think about what they can do over the next 3 class meetings to contribute to their Comic Con event. This will be evident in a written submission Student submission must include two of the following: cultural appreciation, music, art, language other than English, and/or philosophy. Student manages time and completes their plan in the 3 class periods provided.

  • Spheros Phase I

    Spheros provide a toolset that is unbounded in its potential by weaving hardware, software, and community engagement together. While coding and 21st century skills are necessary, the program also goes beyond code by incorporating robotics and technology with collaborative STEAM activities.

  • Culinary (Phase II) Calculating cost of a meal from a recipe

    Students will cook several recipes learning to calculate the cost of a meal after following a recipe

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