Culinary (Phase V) Table and Food Etiquette
Culinary (Phase V) Table and Food Etiquette

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Students will understand and prepare recipes to learn and practice proper etiquette in the following situations: table setting, bread and butter etiquette, soup etiquette, restaurant etiquette, business lunch etiquette, and how to hold appropriate dinner conversations.


Northside Afterschool Enrichment Programs


Badge Type: knowledge

Expected Duration: 12 hours


  1. [required] Student can set a table for a minimum of 2 different occasions.
  2. [required] Student communicate and practices bread and butter etiquette.
  3. [required] Student communicate and practices soup etiquette.
  4. [required] Student can communicate and practice restaurant etiquette.
  5. [required] Student can communicate and practice business lunch etiquette.
  6. [required] Student can communicate and practice appropriate dinner conversation.
  7. [required] Student can practice and apply basic culinary math skills.
  8. [required] Student uses resources to practice principles of sanitation and personal hygiene while cooking.
  9. [required] Student can safely and properly use and care for kitchen tools and equipment.
  10. [required] Student can introduce and practice management skills for kitchen operations.
  11. [required] Student can understand and prepare recipes.
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