8th grade CAPSTONE Presenting to our Community
8th grade CAPSTONE Presenting to our Community

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Over the course of their middle school years, students have been building their capacity to be 21st century ready! Presenting and having great presentation skills are a must for success in their roles in the community. Applying all they have learned and sharing their experiences through a presentation combines skills and showcases their abilities.


Education Service Center, Region 20


Badge Type: showcase

Expected Duration: 1 years


  1. [required] In order to earn this badge, the learner will upload a picture or video that captures their community project product and write a brief summary of how they are supporting their community and making strides to better it.

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Presenting to our Community

Essential Skills 6th - 8th grade

Presenting to our Community

  • Comic Con

    Students manage time well. Script is completed at the end of day 3 and comic panel with corresponding art is completed at the end of day 4. Students make connections between literature and art. This is evident in the Cedric the Dragon Slayer Discussion and their script and comic panel. Their comic panel is not random, it tells a story. There are not any purposeful grammatical errors on the final comic panel. Students communicate (orally/ written) each of their superhero powers/ weaknesses, gadgets, etc. Students manage their time and complete their own superhero and villain with a written description and art drawing Students critically reason and think about what they can do over the next 3 class meetings to contribute to their Comic Con event. This will be evident in a written submission Student submission must include two of the following: cultural appreciation, music, art, language other than English, and/or philosophy. Student manages time and completes their plan in the 3 class periods provided.

  • Sign Language (Phase II)

    Students will learn to learn proper greetings and farewells in ASL • To introduce yourself and others • To learn basic ASL sentence structure • To ask and answer questions • To learn how to interact appropriately with Deaf people • To learn the role of facial expressions and non-manual signals

  • Show Your School Pride (9-12)

    Students earn this community badge by recording a video of something that makes their school really special. It could be a sporting event, a piece of artwork, or maybe a favorite teacher. The student must then explain why this item makes them proud of their school. The student will need to record a video, upload it to our learning platform, and explain their video in order to earn this community badge.

  • Global Problem Solvers

    The Global Problem Solvers animation series is designed to introduce middle-to-high-school students to strategic social innovation with a particular focus on how they can use technology to create effective new solutions to seemingly intractable problems. By equipping students with a fundamental set of problem-solving tools for turning their visions for change into a practicable reality, the series aims both to generate excitement for social innovation and to develop a new generation of emerging social entrepreneurs.

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