8th grade CAPSTONE Presenting to our Community
8th grade CAPSTONE Presenting to our Community

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Over the course of their middle school years, students have been building their capacity to be 21st century ready! Presenting and having great presentation skills are a must for success in their roles in the community. Applying all they have learned and sharing their experiences through a presentation combines skills and showcases their abilities.


Education Service Center, Region 20

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Badge Type: showcase

Expected Duration: 1 years


  1. [required] In order to earn this badge, the learner will upload a picture or video that captures their community project product and write a brief summary of how they are supporting their community and making strides to better it.

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Presenting to our Community

Essential Skills 6th - 8th grade

Presenting to our Community

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  • 8th grade CAPSTONE Presenting to our Community

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