Visiting a College Fair - Pitstop 23
Visiting a College Fair - Pitstop 23

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The more opportunities that students have to learn more about colleges the better chances they have to help make decisions on where they would like to attend or consider. It is not just about learning about the different colleges but also what the colleges offer as they determine what their passion is.


Education Service Center, Region 20


Badge Type: knowledge

Expected Duration: 1 years


  1. [required] In order to earn this badge, a learner will upload a picture of a brochure or flyer from a college that attended the college fair. The student may circle or highlight the potential major that they are interested in. In the event that the college does not have a brochure or flyer, they can upload a picture of the business card form the recruiter or admission counselor present.
  • Certified Karel the Dog Trainer

    Get started programming with Karel the dog! Karel is a dog who lives in a grid and only knows four commands, but we use this to build up all of the programming fundamentals. It’s easy to get started with Karel and it is all about problem solving!

  • Mobile App Design Level 1

    You have completed the first level of Mobile App Design using Touch Development. Congrats!

  • Interactive Comic Level 2

    Earn this badge for creating a truly interactive comic with movement and dialog.

  • Sign Language (Phase II)

    Students will learn to learn proper greetings and farewells in ASL • To introduce yourself and others • To learn basic ASL sentence structure • To ask and answer questions • To learn how to interact appropriately with Deaf people • To learn the role of facial expressions and non-manual signals

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