Global Problem Solvers
Global Problem Solvers

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The Global Problem Solvers animation series is designed to introduce middle-to-high-school students to strategic social innovation with a particular focus on how they can use technology to create effective new solutions to seemingly intractable problems. By equipping students with a fundamental set of problem-solving tools for turning their visions for change into a practicable reality, the series aims both to generate excitement for social innovation and to develop a new generation of emerging social entrepreneurs. The Global Problem Solvers series engages students with the story of how a global and diverse teen super-team takes action against the scourge of safe water shortages in developing communities. The series encourages students to think of social entrepreneurship not just as an inspiring ideal, but as an achievable goal. The overarching goals of the series are as follows: • Foster an entrepreneurial approach to problem solving; • Encourage the future development of innovative technological solutions and sustainable social ventures; • Inspire students to be social change agents; and • Facilitate the achievement of these objectives by presenting six attributes of Global Problem Solvers and nine steps of social entrepreneurship in an engaging and entertaining way


Northside Afterschool Enrichment Programs


Badge Type: knowledge

Expected Duration: 12 hours


  1. [required] Students can use decision making skills to identify potential technological solutions to a minimum of 4 different social problems discussed in this club.
  2. [required] Based on at least 2 different Global Problem Solving experiences in this club, students can use analytical thinking skills to recognize the human impact of technology, particularly with respect to disruptive social change.
  3. [required] Based on at least 2 different Global Problem Solving experiences in this club, students problem solve to develop strategies that blend local skills with technological capabilities
  4. [required] Students can describe an understanding of how organizations operate key through a viable business plan.
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